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New Video: Connector Customization in 4 Steps from Advanced Interconnections Corp.

New video from Advanced Interconnections Corp. (AIC) showcases connector customization capabilities, the company’s hallmark for over 35 years. Learn how experienced product design engineers work directly with customers, using a 4-step process that combines existing interconnect components and cutting-edge technologies from AIC’s extensive tool box in new ways, to create unique solutions. Get an inside look at AIC’s vertical integration, including socket terminal and pin machining, injection molding, and precision drilling.
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New Video: Peel-A-Way® Removable Terminal Carriers Reduce Board Assembly Costs

Hand loading of terminals slows down automated assembly processes. The solution: Peel-A-Way® Removable Terminal Carriers. Available in many standard and customized configurations. Ideal for socketing heat sensitive devices or board-to-board mating. Simply solder to the board and peel away the polyimide film for improved air flow and solder joint inspection. These carriers are an economical solution - made in the USA. Watch our new video to find out more.

Advanced Interconnections Corp. | West Warwick, RI USA | | Tel: 401-823-5200 |