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Unique Application of Solder Ball Technology

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Advanced Interconnections Corp. recently published an Application Note AIC Application Note 2015-01featuring our Solder Sphere Interface. This patented technology is used on QFP Adapters and Interposers, to convert QFP, BGA, and other devices for use on boards with QFP footprints ("pads" or "lands"). It's just one of the many innovative ideas from our Tool Box...applying our industry-proven solder ball interface to QFP adapters and interposers, to eliminate the processing issues associated with gull wing leads. Download the Application Note to learn more or contact one of our Product Engineers to find out how we can help you preserve your existing PC Board layouts.

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Solder Sphere Interface Streamlines Package Conversion

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Advanced's patented Solder Sphere Interface streamlines package conversion for use on PC boards with existing QFP pads. Our Adapters and Interposers are custom designed to convert BGA, LGA, or other device packages to an existing QFP footprint or QFP to QFP with the same or different footprint.

BGA to QFP Adapter from Advanced Interconnections

Typical Applications and Unique Features

  • Transparent interface from a new BGA or LGA device to existing QFP pads.
  • Patented solder sphere connection offers a robust, process compatible, and cost effective replacement for fragile QFP leads.
  • 0.50mm to 1.27mm pitch.
  • Solutions to obsolescence for most SMT or thru-hole lead styles.
  • Sourcing and device attach for passive and active components.
  • Stand-offs, solder preforms, SMT designs, and more.

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