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New Video: Connector Customization in 4 Steps from Advanced Interconnections Corp.

New video from Advanced Interconnections Corp. (AIC) showcases connector customization capabilities, the company’s hallmark for over 35 years. Learn how experienced product design engineers work directly with customers, using a 4-step process that combines existing interconnect components and cutting-edge technologies from AIC’s extensive tool box in new ways, to create unique solutions. Get an inside look at AIC’s vertical integration, including socket terminal and pin machining, injection molding, and precision drilling.
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Build-A-Part™ Tool Showcased in New Video

New video shows how to quickly build a part number for the exact IC Socket, Adapter, or Board-to-Board Connector required for your application in just a few clicks with the Advanced Interconnections' Build-A-Part tool. Learn how to use the handy tool in this informative video or visit the website to get started.
Advanced Interconnections Corp. | West Warwick, RI USA | | Tel: 401-823-5200 |

New Video: Flip-Top BGA Sockets Ease Device Test

Our new video shows how easy the Flip-Top™ BGA Socket is to use for device test and validation. The video illustrates how the compact design uses less PC board space than typical test sockets because it requires no external screws, backing plates, or mounting holes in the PCB. Highlighted features include the hinged clamp, with integral heat sink, which makes insertion and removal of devices quick and easy while ensuring a reliable connection. A chip support plate, customized to each specific IC package, allows for inconsistencies in package coplanarity, thickness, or tolerance issues to ensure a reliable electrical connection. Watch our new video to find out more. Advanced Interconnections Corp. | West Warwick, RI USA | | Tel: 401-823-5200 |