Environmental Compliance

Advanced Interconnections is committed to sustainable and earth-friendly manufacturing. Please browse this section of our site for up-to-date compliance statements and documentation.

PFOS / PFOA Compliance Statement
(Perflourooctane Sulfonate or Perfluorooctanesulfonic Acid)

Advanced Interconnections Corp. (AIC) does not use PFOS (Perfluoro-octane Sulfonate) or PFOA (Perfluoro-octanoic Acid), or their salts, in any of our products or materials; similarly, AIC does not use any related compounds, such as PFC (Perfluoro-carbons) or PFxx-type Perfluorinated Acids or Sulfonates.

We have researched the use of these substances and checked components and process areas where they might be used within our company. 

Type Title & Description Rev File Size
Policy PFOS Declaration Statement February 2024 PFOS Declaration Statement 412 KB

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