BGA Interposers

BGA Interposers from Advanced Interconnections are a cost-effective method for converting lead-free BGA device packages for use on boards processed with lower temperature, Tin/Lead solder profiles.

BGA Interposer How It Works

Typical Lead-free to Tin/Lead Example

We attach the lead-free BGA devices to customized Interposer adapter boards featuring eutectic (63/37) Tin/Lead solder balls (on the bottom of the Interposers).

The compact Interposer assembly is shipped ready for use on existing PC boards, eliminating the need to change Tin/Lead solder profiles or subject other components on the PC board to higher processing temperatures.

Using an intersposer is preferable to reballing Lead-free BGA devices in RoHS-exempt applications, because reballing can introduce contamination, weakening the solder joint while also exposing the devices to extra reflow (heat) cycles. 
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