SMT Value Added Services

Advanced Interconnections offers value added surface mount device attach and rework services in our in-house SMT production facility.

Advanced Interconnections Corp. Optical InspectionEquipment List

  • Air-Vac™ DRS24 BGA Rework Station
  • Speedline™ MPM Ultraprint 2000 Fully Automatic Stenciler
  • Quad™ Meridian 1030P and 4C Precision Pick & Place Machines
  • Genrad™ Stinger Electrical Tester
  • BTU International™ VIP 98 Reflow Oven
  • J.O.T. Panelmaster™ 18HS PCB RouterAdvanced Interconnections Corp. SMT Factory
  • Nicolet™ NXR-10HR X-Ray with Photo
  • Custom BGA Vision Inspection System
  • Cyberoptics™ Paste Height Measurement
Quality Inspection

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