Flip-Top™ BGA Test Sockets

Flip-Top™ Test Sockets are engineered for BGA and LGA device test, validation, development, and production socketing applications. Surface mount and through-hole designs from 0.50mm to 1.27mm pitch.

SMT models are shipped un-assembled to ease solderability. Thru-hole models are shipped fully assembled.
  • Solder lower assembly to PC board. Mod5 Series Flip-Top BGA Socket - How it WorksThru-hole models may be soldered to PC board or plugged into a mating socket.
  • Upper assembly inserts easily into lower assembly by aligning guide posts and installing four (supplied) screws.
  • Finned heat sink or coin screw is screwed down to flush with bottom of lid.
  • Lid opens easily by pressing latch.
  • BGA device is inserted by aligning A1 position with chamfered corner of Flip-Top™ socket. Place device-specific support plate (supplied) on top of device and close lid.
  • Screw down heat sink actuator for device engagement. 

See Product Application Specification (in Documentation section/tab) for complete mounting instructions. Detailed Installation and General Usage Instructions are provided with product.
    • Flip-Top BGA Test Socket
    • Mod5 Series Flip-Top BGA Socket
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