SMT Adapters

Using our exclusive, field-proven solder ball terminal design, SMT Adapters from Advanced provide a reliable solution for mounting or socketing LGA or re-worked BGA devices. Use in connection with our BGA Sockets for LGA to BGA conversion or board to board applications.

SMT Adapters - How It WorksSMT Adapters work with a variety of device packages including de-balled BGA, CGA, and LGA.

Soldering the device to an Adapter subjects it to less thermal stress than soldering directly to the PC board due to the Adapter's lower mass, while providing an easy and economical method for plugging and unplugging the device.

SMT Adapters are used with mating BGA Sockets for development & validation applications or to provide a method for future device upgrade or replacement in the field.

The unique surface mount design also works without a device as a high density, low profile board to board connector.


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