BGA Socket Adapter Systems

Ball Grid Array (BGA) Socket Adapter Systems are an economical solution for device validation and development when soldering the IC to a printed circuit board (PCB) is not practical. The low insertion force design facilitates easy device replacement or field repair in production applications - eliminating the time, cost, and potential board damage caused by desoldering devices.

BGA Socket - Solder Ball Close-upThe Solder Ball Advantage
Advanced's exclusve solder ball terminal design provides a stronger solder joint while compensating for minor coplanarity issues on the PC board surface. In addition to greater elasticity, solder balls provide more solder on each joint than less-effective solder bump terminal designs, ensuring a reliable connection.

Use Our Device Attach Service for a Turn-key Solution
An economical and reliable alternative to soldering BGA devices directly to the motherboard, the Advanced® BGA Socket Adapter System enables a BGA or LGA device to be plugged into a mating socket after soldering to a pinned adapter. See the SMT Value Added Services page for device attach information.

Socket Adapter Systems Enable Use of Existing Boards and Profiles with Lead-Free Devices 
Our BGA Socket Adapter Systems ease the transition for lead-free device processing. Lead-free devices can be attached to our RoHS Compliant Adapters using the required high temperature reflow and existing boards can be processed with either a standard or high temperature profile depending on which Socket is selected. Our BGA Sockets are available with either Tin/Silver/Copper solder ball terminals for RoHS Compliant applications or eutectic Tin/Lead solder ball terminals for exempt applications. Simply plug the Device/Adapter assembly into the board-mounted socket after the PC board is processed.

  • Protects valuable PC boards by eliminating damage when devices need to be removed. 
  • Subjects device to lower thermal stress. 
  • Low insertion force design provides yields that are equivalent to direct attach, with coplanarity consistently better than the industry standard of .006/(0.152mm).
  • Same footprint as BGA or LGA device.
  • Thousands of footprints available from 1.27mm down to 0.50mm pitch.
  • Multi-finger, high reliability contacts and screw-machined terminals for superior reliability.
  • Value-added features such as solder balls and tape and reel packaging reduce processing and application costs.
  • Available in 0.50mm, 0.65mm, 0.80mm, 1.0mm, and 1.27mm pitch.
  • Choose from Lead-free or eutectic Tin/Lead solder ball terminals.
  • Available in tape and reel packaging for automated assembly.

    • 0.80mm BGA Socket Adapter System
    • BGA Device Socket Adapter System
    • AIC Fine Pitch BGA Socket Adapter System
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