BGA Socket Adapter Systems

Ball Grid Array (BGA) Socket Adapter Systems are an economical solution for device validation and development when soldering the IC to a printed circuit board (PCB) is not practical. The low insertion force design facilitates easy device replacement or field repair in production applications - eliminating the time, cost, and potential board damage caused by desoldering devices.

BGA Socket Adapter Systems Data Sheets & Documentation

Type Title & Description Rev. File Size
Data Booklet BGA Socketing Systems Data Book
Micro-BGA and BGA Socket Adapter Systems and Flip-Top™ BGA Sockets 
17-2 BGA Socket Adapter Data Sheet 6 MB
Data Sheet Micro-BGA Socket Adapter System (0.50mm and 0.65mm Pitch) Data Sheet - Full color data sheet featuring detailed table of models, product specifications, performance data, alignment pin options, and part number selection. 4 Micro BGA Socket Adapter Data Sheet 1 MB
Micro BGA Socket Adapter System Application Specification - Test and performance data, usage guidelines, etc. 3 Micro BGA Socket Adapter Data Sheet 2.8 MB
Form Device Dimension & Design Your Own Footprint Form 1 BGA Design Your Own Footprint Form 442 KB
Typical Soldering Process Examples - Tin/Lead and Lead-free Generic Reflow Profiles 0 Generic Reflow Profiles 101 KB
Application Doc. Application Note 2004-01 - Lead-free BGA Sockets Designed to Meet High Temperature Processing Requirements 1 Application Note 1.5 MB
Application Doc. Application Note 2007-02 - Customized BGA Socketing System Used in Automotive Application 1 Application Note 1.5 MB

    • 0.80mm BGA Socket Adapter System
    • BGA Device Socket Adapter System
    • AIC Fine Pitch BGA Socket Adapter System
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