BGA Socket Adapter Systems

Ball Grid Array (BGA) Socket Adapter Systems are an economical solution for device validation and development when soldering the IC to a printed circuit board (PCB) is not practical. The low insertion force design facilitates easy device replacement or field repair in production applications - eliminating the time, cost, and potential board damage caused by desoldering devices.

BGA Socket Adapter System How It WorksStep 1
Solder BGA Socket to PC board.

Step 2
Solder BGA device to Advanced Adapter.
(Note: We offer device attach services.)

Step 3
Align and insert device/Adapter assembly into BGA Socket.

BGA Extraction Tool (P/N 8125), sold separately, for use with 1.00mm and 1.27mm pitch Extraction Slot Adapters.
BGA Extraction Tool 8125

0.50mm and 0.65mm Pitch Models

BGA Socket Adapter System Exploded ViewOur micro-BGA Socket Adapter System employs a proprietary design using a unique male/female interstitial terminal pattern. 

As with our larger pitch Socket Adapter Systems, both the Adapter and the Socket match the footprint of BGA/LGA device. Use the alignment pins to align the Device/Adapter assembly during insertion into the board-mounted Socket.

A comprehensive Application Specification to guide customers on the recommended use of the this fine pitch system is available in the Documentation section.

One extraction tool (P/N 8794) is supplied with each order.

BGA Extraction Tool
    • 0.80mm BGA Socket Adapter System
    • BGA Device Socket Adapter System
    • AIC Fine Pitch BGA Socket Adapter System
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