B2B® SMT Connectors

1.27mm pitch B2B® SMT Connectors, featuring solder ball terminals, provide a highly reliable method to define stack height between two PC boards. Compact design conserves board space by combining many signal, ground, and power pins in a dense area.

B2B SMT Connectors on PC BoardsB2B® SMT Connectors are precision molded in high temperature LCP with integral polarization keying features to prevent 180° out-of-orientation mismating. 

The robust, shrouded design facilitates blind mating, while the screw-machined terminals and multi-finger contacts ensure performance in mission critical applications.

Process proven .030 (0.76 mm) diameter solder balls conform to industry standard BGA pad-to-ball ratios and compensate for minor board coplanarity, thermal expansion (CTE), and solder deposition variances.

In addition to our standard surface mount design, customized options are available such as integral screws for high shock & vibration applications.

Packaging & Options

B2B SMT Connectors Pick-up CapMale connectors – supplied with a pick-up cap to protect male pins and facilitate automated pick-and-place. Pick-up cap remains in place during reflow.
Female connectors – supplied with a polyimide dot to facilitate automated pick-and-place.
Tape and Reel – Add -TR to end of part number for Tape and Reel packaging.
Standard Trays – If no packaging code is indicated, connectors are shipped in standard trays. (Note: Trays are not suitable for automated pick-and-place processes.)
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    • B2B® SMT Connectors Custom 80 Pos. Model
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