B2B® SMT Connectors

1.27mm pitch B2B® SMT Connectors, featuring solder ball terminals, provide a highly reliable method to define stack height between two PC boards. Compact design conserves board space by combining many signal, ground, and power pins in a dense area.

B2B® SMT Connectors

Customized designs available - consult factory.

  1.27mm Pitch
B2B SMT Connector Model BB
Model: BB

B2B SMT Connector Model BA
Model: BA
Standard Mated
Standard Footprints
(No. of Pins):
240 (30 x 8 rows)
300 (30 x 10 rows)
400 (40 x 10 rows)
500 (50 x 10 rows)*
*500 pos. available in 6mm mated height only
Molded LCP
(Liquid Crystal Polymer)
Terminal Options: Select based on mated height required. 
Refer to Data Sheet or Build-A-Part
RoHS Compliant Status: RoHS Compliant with Lead-free solder ball terminals.

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    • B2B® SMT Connectors Custom 80 Pos. Model
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