B2B® SMT Connectors

1.27mm pitch B2B® SMT Connectors, featuring solder ball terminals, provide a highly reliable method to define stack height between two PC boards. Compact design conserves board space by combining many signal, ground, and power pins in a dense area.

Terminals: Brass - Copper Alloy (C36000)
Contacts: Beryllium Copper (C17200)
Plating:  Gold over Nickel (Terminals and Contacts)
Solder Balls: Standard: 63Sn/37Pb, Eutectic, 183°C (361.4°F)
Lead-free: 95.5Sn/4.0Ag/0.5Cu, Tin/Silver/Copper Alloy, 218°C (424°F)
Body Material: Molded LCP (high temp. glass filled thermoplastic), U.L. Rated 94V-0, -40°C to 260°C (-40°F to 500°F)

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    • B2B® SMT Connectors Custom 80 Pos. Model
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