Mezza-pede® SMT Connectors

Mezza-pede® low profile 1.0mm pitch SMT Connectors from Advanced are designed for board-to-board or flex cable-to-board applications where long-term reliability is required.

Mezza-pede SMT ConnectorsWith Advanced's enclosed screw-machined socket, 6-finger contact and heavy gold plating, Mezza-pede® Connectors pass the 20-day mixed flowing gas (MFG) test required in many telecom and other severe environment and long-life applications.
Our over-molded lead frame seals the surface mount leads to prevent solder wicking, ensuring a secure solder joint. The low stack height makes it ideal for tight mezzanine packaging applications.

Typical Applications
  • Tunable Laser power connector (flex cable to board)
  • Tunable Laser connector (board to board)
  • Transponder Board connector
  • Signal connector (flex cable to board)
  • Low profile board to board connector
  • Low profile - board to board stack height (z-axis) options ranging from 3.1mm to 4.0mm (nom.).
  • Robust design features screw-machined terminals and multi-finger contacts with a per contact current rating of greater than 1 Amp at 80°C ambient.
  • Dual row configurations include 8, 14, 20, 30, or 36 total positions with other pin counts available on a customized basis.
  • Fits within existing board layouts.
  • Unique SMT lead frame and pin design prevents solder wicking, providing the highest quality solder joint at the PCB level.
  • SMT and thru-hole designs available.
  • Passed 20-Day MFG test with heavy Gold terminal plating (GH).
  • Qualified for use in telecommunications applications.
  • RoHS Compliant
    • AIC Mezza-pede 14 30 36pos group 200px

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