Mezza-pede® SMT Connectors

Mezza-pede® 1.0mm pitch SMT Connectors from Advanced are designed for low profile board-to-board or flex cable-to-board applications where long-term reliability and a compact size are required.

NEW lower profile designs for a mated height of only 2.92mm! Click on the Table of Models tab for the DHAL male connector and the DHSL female connector.

Mechanical & Electrical  

Mating Force:

2.5 lbs. (14 pos. assembly)

Extraction Force:

2.2 lbs. (14 pos. assembly)


100 cycles

Contact Resistance:

10 milliohm maximum change after testing

Current Carrying Capacity:

1.1 A @ 80°C ambient

Mixed Flowing Gas (MFG):

Passed, 20-Day (with GH plating)

Operating Temperature Range:

-55°C to +125°C

    • AIC Mezza-pede 14 30 36pos group 200px

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