Mezza-pede® SMT Connectors

Mezza-pede® 1.0mm pitch SMT Connectors from Advanced are designed for low profile board-to-board or flex cable-to-board applications where long-term reliability and a compact size are required.

NEW lower profile designs for a mated height of only 2.92mm! Click on the Table of Models tab for the DHAL male connector and the DHSL female connector.

Terminals: Brass - Copper Alloy (C36000)
Contacts: Beryllium Copper (C17200)
Lead Frame: Beryllium Copper (C17200)
Plating:  G - Gold over Nickel
GH - Heavy Gold over Nickel
M - Matte Tin over Nickel
Body Material: DHAM/DHAL/DHS/DHSL: Molded LCP (high temp. glass filled thermoplastic), U.L. Rated 94V-0, -40°C to 260°C (-40°F to 500°F)

DHA: Polyimide Film, U.L. Rated 94V-0

DHA Supplied in standard trays. (Trays are not suitable Standard Tray Packaging - Advanced Interconnections Corp.
for automated pick-and-place processes.)
Supplied with pick-and-place cover inPick and Place Cover - Advanced Interconnections Corp.
tape & reel packaging.
Supplied in tape & reel packaging.Tape and reel Packaging - Advanced Interconnections Corp.

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