Thru-hole Connectors

Advanced's screw-machined terminals are the cornerstone of our high reliability thru-hole Board to Board Connectors. Choose from a wide variety of standard terminal styles, plating options, and insulator materials, or contact us for a customized solution.

AIC Peel-A-Way Removable Terminal Carriers in ActionStandard connectors include single, dual, and triple row designs on 1.27mm, 2.00mm, or 2.54mm pitch. High reliability designs are available for a variety of board stack heights, and unique options include staggererd patterns, right angle connectors, and Peel-A-Way® Removable Terminal Carriers for complete solder joint visibility.

Male (headers) and female connectors (sockets/receptacles) are designed in mating pairs.

  • High reliability screw-machined terminals with closed-end construction for 100% anti-wicking of solder.
  • Reliable mechanical support in a variety of standard stack heights.
  • Available with Gold/Gold or Matte Tin/Gold (terminal/contact) plating for lead-free compatible processing.
  • Customized designs and surface mount options are available.
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