DIP Sockets & Adapters

Precision machined Dual In-line Package (DIP) Sockets and Adapters accommodate applications from surface mount to thru-hole. Screw-machined terminals offer superior quality for long-term durability.

Peel-A-Way DIP SocketDIP Sockets and Adapters allow for quick and easy device replacement, upgrade, or repair in test and production applications, while protecting DIP devices from exposure to heat during board processing. Screw-machined terminals with redundant, multi-finger contacts ensure reliable performance even in harsh environments.

  • Automated assembly compliant.
  • Wide range of patterns and terminal styles, from 8 to 64 pins.
  • Optional Tape Seal on terminals protects contacts from contaminants during board processing.
  • Solder Preform terminals available for mixed SMT and thru-hole process applications.
  • RoHS Compliant insulators and terminals are compatible with lead-free processing - select either Matte Tin/Gold (MG) or Gold/Gold (GG) plating.
    • AIC DIP Socket Adapter Group 250px
    • AIC DIP Sockets Adapter group silo
    • AIC Peel-A-Way® DIP Socket silo
    • AIC DIP Socket Closed Frame RDS silo
    • AIC DIP Adapter Model RDA silo
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