Image Sensor Sockets

Image Sensor Sockets protect valuable sensors from damage during board assembly and processing, while also providing a cost-effective method for future device upgrade, repair, or replacement.

AIC Image Sensor Socket with Eastman Kodak Co. deviceStandard, footprint-specific, and custom configurations are available for virtually any application from digital cameras to security systems to satellite imaging. As with any socket from Advanced, you can count on the highest quality screw-machined terminals and industry-proven multi-fingered contacts for long-term durability in even the most demanding applications.

  • Protect sensor performance by inserting after the reflow soldering process.
  • Eliminate the chance for damage to valuable sensors during board assembly caused by prolonged exposure to heat and errant solder flux on glass components.
  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need for glass cleaning operations.
  • Plan for device shortages or future upgrades by designing a socket onto your board.
  • Molded insulators available on custom orders.
  • Available with Gold/Gold or Matte Tin/Gold plating for lead-free compatible processing.
  • Standard and customized configurations are available.
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