PGA Sockets & Adapters

Low insertion force Pin Grid Array (PGA) Sockets and Adapters are available in a variety of RoHS Compliant insulators with hundreds of screw-machined terminal choices. Virtually any PGA footprint can be accommodated, including interstitial patterns.

  • Peel-A-Way PGA AdapterDurable construction for virtually any application
  • Wide variety of materials, lengths, and sizes
  • Cost-effective method for replacing, repairing, or upgrading PGA devices
  • Unique options such as solder preform terminals eliminate the need for wave soldering in mixed SMT/Thru-hole applications
  • RoHS compliant insulators and screw-machined terminals are compatible with lead-free processing - select either Matte Tin/Gold (MG) or Gold/Gold (GG) plating
    • AIC Peel-A-Way® PGA Socket KSX
    • AIC PGA Socket Molded RIS
    • AIC Peel-A-Way® PGA Socket KS
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