PGA Sockets & Adapters

Low insertion force Pin Grid Array (PGA) Sockets and Adapters are available in a variety of RoHS Compliant insulators with hundreds of screw-machined terminal choices. Virtually any PGA footprint can be accommodated, including interstitial patterns.


Peel-A-Way® Removable Terminal Carriers

Peel-A-Way Removable Terminal Carriers


Typical Applications: Eliminate hand-loading of pins, facilitate solder joint visibility, low profile component mounting or board mating.

  • Place socket on PC board.Peel-A-Way Sockets - after carrier removal
  • Send PC board and socket through soldering operation.
  • Peel away polyimide film carrier for complete solder joint visibility or leave in place for added stability.

Insulators with Cut-outs

Peel-A-Way PGA Socket with Cut-out Insulator Typical Applications: Accommodate components or a processor on the bottom of the PGA device package or provide increased air flow to dissipate heat.

  • Peel-A-Way Removable Carriers are easily customized to accommodate any size cut-out.
  • Also available in FR-4 and Molded insulators (higher minimum volumes apply).
  • Simply provide the size of the cut-out needed.

Solder Preform Terminals

Solder Preform Terminal How It Works

Typical Applications: Intrusive reflow, eliminate need for wave soldering on mixed SMT/Through-hole boards.

  • Combines the labor of socket loading and solder application into one operation.
  • Eliminates use of solder paste and the Solder Preform Terminalsscreening operation.
  • Eliminates solder bridges and/or solder shorts due to excess solder.
  • Ensures a reliable solder joint with controlled solder volume.
  • Ideal for surface mount and mixed technology applications.
  • For custom solder preform terminal applications consult factory.

Tape Seal

Removable Tape Seal

Typical Applications: Harsh environments, long term storage, applications that call for spray flux.

  • Removable tape seal protects plated contacts in harsh environments.
  • Sealed socket will not allow contaminants to enter socket chamber and become entrapped behind contact fingers.
  • Spray flux without contaminating contact area.
  • Material: Silicone backed polyimide film, -74°C to 260°C (-100°F to 500°F), intermittent to 371°C (700°F). 

Pry Out Extraction Tool

PGA Extraction Tool PN 1107 Part Number 1107

Designed to facilitate removal of PGA device/adapter assembly from the PGA socket.

    • AIC Peel-A-Way® PGA Socket KSX
    • AIC PGA Socket Molded RIS
    • AIC Peel-A-Way® PGA Socket KS
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