LGA/BGA SMT Adapters

Using our exclusive, field-proven solder ball terminal design, SMT Adapters from Advanced provide a reliable solution for mounting or socketing LGA or re-worked BGA devices. Use in connection with our BGA Sockets for LGA to BGA conversion or board to board connector applications.

  Standard SMT Adapter Extraction Slot SMT Adapter
  LGA/BGA SMT Adapter Model A LGA/BGA SMT Adapter Model AX
Model: A AX
Pitch: 0.80mm | 1.00mm | 1.27mm
(also 0.50mm and 0.65mm)
1.00mm | 1.27mm
Device Pkg. + .079/(2.00) Device Pkg. + .157/(4.00)
Insulator Thickness: .062/(1.57) .062/(1.57)
Terminals:  For Terminal options, please refer to the data sheet under Documentation.
Mating Sockets: Mates with Standard BGA Socket.
See Socket Adapter Systems product section for complete details.
Mates with Extraction BGA Socket.
See Socket Adapter Systems product section for complete details.

    • AIC SMT BGA/LGA Adapter

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