PLCC to PGA Adapters

PLCC Adapters with Murphy Circuits® easily convert PLCC devices for thru-hole soldering or socketing. Unique Murphy Circuits® technology replaces a typical printed circuit board with a precision insert molded lead-frame, allowing for value added, 3-D features such as molded locating ribs to aid in device placement and integral stand-offs to ease processing.

With Standoffs With Polarization Pins & Standoffs    
PLCC Adapter Model 2819 Top View PLCC Adapter Model 2819 Bottom View PLCC Adapter Model 2819 Side View  
Top View
(68 pin shown)
Bottom View 
(68 pin shown)
Side View 
(68 pin shown)
Part Number Part Number No. of Positions
A Dim.
2819-28S 2819-28SP 28 .500
2819-44S 2819-44SP 44 .800
2819-52S 2819-52SP 52 .900
2819-68S 2819-68SP 68 1.100
2819-84S 2819-84SP 84 1.300
2819-100S 2819-100SP 100 1.500
2819-124S 2819-124SP 124 1.800
Note: Also available without Standoffs - Consult Factory.
RoHS Compliant Status: This product is not RoHS Compliant.

    • AIC PLCC Adapter with Murphy CircuitsĀ®

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