QFP Adapters

Advanced's patented Solder Sphere Interface overcomes device obsolescence on PC boards with existing QFP pads while improving solder joint reliability. Custom designed to fit your application for converting BGA, LGA, or other device packages to an existing QFP footprint using a proven BGA-style, solder sphere interface in place of gull wing leads.

AIC Custom Package Conversion Adapter - BGA to QFPBGA, LGA, or QFP to QFP footprint on the PCB

Customized Adapter and Interposer solutions from Advanced Interconnections eliminate costly board redesign when projects change. We go beyond just package conversion, adapting to your changing requirements from concept to prototype to production.

Typical Applications and Unique Features
  • Transparent interface from a new BGA or LGA device to existing QFP pads.
  • Patented solder sphere connection offers a robust, process compatible, and cost effective replacement for fragile QFP leads.
  • 0.50mm to 1.27mm pitch.
  • Solder Sphere Interface for QFP pads - Advanced InterconnectionsSolutions to obsolescence for most SMT or thru-hole lead styles.
  • Sourcing and device attach for passive and active components.
  • Stand-offs, solder preforms, SMT designs, and more.

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    • AIC Custom Package Conversion Adapter BGA to QFP
    • AIC Custom Package Conversion Adapter PCB
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