SOIC to DIP Adapters

SOIC to DIP Adapters from Advanced are designed to convert rectangular type, .050" (1.27mm) pitch SOIC devices for soldering or socketing in a dual in-line (DIP or DIL) application. The Lead-free series with Immersion Gold plated pads and Gold plated terminals is RoHS Compliant and backward compatible for use in Tin/Lead applications.

  • SOIC to DIP AdapterAdapter allows gull wing SOIC (Small Outline Integrated Circuit) devices to be solderable or socketable in a thru-hole application.
  • Cost effective solution for DIP to SOIC package transition and device EOL (end of life) or obsolescence.
  • Pin spacing allows space for conductor runs on PCB.
  • Saves space (X, Y, & Z) when used with Advanced's mating DIP Sockets - available in molded or Peel-A-Way® insulators.
  • Radius ends of adapter pins to improve socketing.
  • Allows testing with standard test clips.
  • RoHS Compliant.
    • AIC Adapter SOIC to DIP

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