SocketPac® Socket Carriers

SocketPac® Power Converter Socket Carriers help eliminate heat distribution problems during wave soldering operations, protecting power supplies, and making replacement, upgrades, and repairs easier. 

Peel-A-Way® Removable Carriers Data Sheets & Documentation

Type Title & Description Rev. Format Size
Data Sheet Peel-A-Way® Removable Terminal Carrier Data Sheet - Overview of features, benefits, specifications, and typical applications: SocketPac®, Relay Sockets, DIP, SIP, PGA sockets and adapters, connectors, and customized designs. 0 Peel-A-Way Removable Terminal Carrier Data Sheet 1 MB
Application Note 2003-01 - Using Socket Carriers to Mount Power Converters 1 Application Note 800 KB

    • Relay Sockets and SocketPacĀ®

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