EMC® Terminals & Test Jacks

Standard and semi-custom EMC® Insulated and Non-insulated Terminals and Test Jacks from Advanced Interconnections have been used in high reliability, RoHS exempt applications for decades. 

EMC Brand LogoEMC® Nurl-Loc® terminals were developed to overcome problems encountered with ceramic, glass, and cold-flow thermoplastic insulated terminals.

Cost Savings: The same Nurl-Loc® terminal can be mounted into any panel thickness, unlike "cold-flow" type press-in terminals.

Mechanical Advantage: The metal-to-metal fit of the Nurl-Loc terminal provides the highest radial and axial pullout resistance of any insulated press-in type terminal. This feature provides the user with the only reliable method of mounting insulated press-in type terminals.

Nurl-Loc Terminals are available in a wide variety of sizes, platings and termination styles. See data sheet for many standard and semi-custom terminals and consult factory for custom configurations.

Note: This product line is not RoHS Compliant. Since most applications for this type of terminal are exempt from RoHS Directive requirements, there are no current plans to offer compliant options. Consult our customer service department for custom solutions.
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