Screw-Machined Terminals

Advanced Interconnections designs and manufactures screw-machined terminals, also known as machined pin receptacles, for use in our high quality sockets, adapters, and connectors – also available for loose socket and pin applications. Additionally, we offer a complete line of EMC® insulated and non-insulated terminals and test jacks.

Multi-finger Contact SystemSwiss-type, screw-machined terminals are preferred by leading electronic OEMs over stamped-and-formed terminals for superior reliability and durability.

Redundant, multi-finger contacts provide an extra level of reliability in applications where there is high vibration or a harsh environment.

Precision machining technology allows manufacturing of terminal lengths and diameters to very tight tolerances, meeting demands for finer pitch while improving positional accuracy during assembly. Since our screw-machining tool-up time is less than required for stamping, we typically produce a new terminal in weeks, signigicantly reducing your time-to-market.

High speed Swiss screw machines and CNC technology offer the flexibility to produce prototype to production volumes with repeatable precision.

Socket Contact System

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