Test Point Pins

Screw-machined Test Point Pins in tape and reel packaging reduce assembly time, while the unique, rounded terminal tips eliminate handling safety concerns often associated with lower quality stamped-and-formed products.

The Advanced design features a rounded terminal head, significantly reducing the potential for pinprick injuries to employees' fingers during assembly and subsequent board handling, compared to traditional sharp-pointed .025 inch square-post test pins.

  • Advanced's Test Point Pins can be individually packaged in tape and reel pockets to facilitate automated insertion.
  • To further reduce processing costs when used on surface mount PC boards, Test Pins with unique solder preforms are available. In intrusive reflow applications, the preform eliminates the need for wave or hand soldering, providing the strength of a thru-hole connection point without the need for additional board processing in SMT applications.
  • The pins are precision-machined from Brass Copper Alloy and plated with either Matte Tin or Gold over Nickel for RoHS compliant applications or Tin/Lead over Nickel for RoHS exempt applications.
  • Typical lead time is 6-8 weeks.
  • Customized for each specific application - contact a Manufacturer's Representative or Authorized Distributor in your region for a quote.
    • AIC Terminals Test Point Pins