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Bulletin No. Date Product Type
2020-01 2/12/2020 Mezza-pede® SMT Connectors Product Change
2016-02 5/25/2016 Mod5 Series Flip-Top™ BGA Socket Part Number Change
2016-01 5/25/2016 SOIC Adapters - Standard Tin/Lead Series Discontinuation
2015-01 10/27/2015 PLCC Sockets Discontinuation
2010-02 9/20/2010 Standard PGA, DIP, SIP, and Board to Board Connectors Lead Time Change
2010-01 3/31/2010 PGA Extraction Tools - Two-sided and Four-sided Models Discontinuation
2009-01 7/1/2009 Flip-Top™ BGA Sockets Product Enhancement
2008-03 9/10/2008 Single Row Right Angle Board to Board Connectors Material Change
2008-02 9/10/2008 Snap SIP Sockets and Adapters Material Change
2008-01 1/29/2008 1.00mm Pitch SMT Connector Contact System Test Results Test Results
2007-02 9/27/2007 .050/(1.27mm) Pitch Single Row Board to Board Connector Material Change
2007-01 4/30/2007 Closed Frame LED Sockets Discontinuation
2006-02 10/27/2006 B2B® SMT Connectors Data Sheet Correction
2006-01 4/6/2006 True BGA Sockets (1.27mm and 1.00mm pitch) Product Replacement
2005-05 11/16/2005 Molded BGA Sockets (1.27mm pitch) Material Change
2005-04 8/26/2005 Molded PGA, DIP and SIP Sockets & Adapters and Molded 
Board to Board Interconnects (excluding B2B®  SMT Connectors)
Material Change
2005-03 8/26/2005 Peel-A-Way® Removable Terminal Carriers RoHS Compliant Status
2005-02 8/26/2005 2.5 oz. (70.85 g) Average Insertion Force PGA Sockets Discontinuation
2005-01 8/26/2005 Any Product with RTV Sealant Discontinuation